Working with us is easy

We will not charge any upfront costs to recover your money, instead our fees are applied on to the debtors original balance using late payment legislation.  

Under the Late Payment of Commercial Debts (Interest) Act 1998 interest can be claimed at 8% over the Bank of England base rate together with compensation.

What to do next

  • Complete our New Debt Form and send it to us so that we know your name and address, who to contact and how to pay you.


If you have a number of debts and wish to send them by email we will provide you with a spreadsheet to complete.

If you want to discuss how to send debts to us, please telephone 0141 295 0980 and we can discuss options.

You will get confirmation your debt has been received, From that point we handle all communication with the debtor.

Within 24 hours your customer receives our first letter explaining the need to pay and the consequences of not doing so.

We are firm and persuasive, never aggressive nor threatening.

Each month end, or more frequently if you prefer, we send you the payments we have collected, minus our commission. We pay you by BACS, or by cheque if preferred.

At the same time we send you a Invoice for our commission, and a comprehensive set of reports so that you can see what is happening on each account. Reports can be produced in a variety of formats, all easy to read and understand!