Immediate Demand

If the debt is due by a Limited Company and more than £750.00 an Immediate Demand can be prepared and served by Sheriff Officers advising the debtors that they have 5 days to pay or the creditor will proceed with a Petition for Liquidation of the Company.

Raising Court Action in Scotland to Decree

Framing, warranting and serving court action for recovery, checking for any notice of intention to defend or time to pay offer and if nothing lodged, minuting for Decree. 

If defended noting defence and discussing with client. 

Enforcement of Decrees

If the debt is not paid on receipt of the Decree we can proceed with enforcement action by way of Charge for Payment, Bank Arrestment, Wage Arrestment and Attachment of assets for uplift and sale at auction if required.

Registering Inhibitions

Preparing inhibitions and instructing service by Sheriff offices and thereafter, Registering with the Keeper to prevent sale of property owned by the debtor in Scotland.

Negotiating with Solicitors and Third Parties, Discussing and negotiating settlement with debtors solicitors or Debt Advice Agents to facilitate full settlement.